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Microsoft Teams In-Meeting Polls using Forms

I created the video demo shared in this post to show that’s it’s really easy to add in-meeting polls to Microsoft Teams meetings using Forms. Consider this a top tip!

Learn About Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms in 5 Minutes

The Breakout Room feature in Microsoft TeamMicrosoft Teams In-Meeting Polls using Formss has recently been rolled out. I’ve created a 5 minute video as a short introduction.

Using App Templates to Boost Productivity in Microsoft Teams

These are ready to use applications that adhere to security and infrastructure best practices and they can be deployed in Azure with no additional software development.

Enhancing Video Engagement in Teams Meetings

How to enhance presenter engagement during a Microsoft Teams Meeting using a custom layout.

Using Microsoft Teams and Bookings to enable Virtual Appointments

Microsoft 365 Bookings is an application designed to help customers create and manage virtual appointments using Microsoft Teams.

Network Device Interface and Microsoft Teams

The first use cases I’ve started to see for NDI in Teams revolve around providing and consuming content to/from third party encoders to assist with the production of Live Events.

Microsoft Teams Voice in Regulated Environments

In this blog I am going to share a short 5 minute video that introduces Locations Based Routing (LBR)

Microsoft Teams Channel Meetings – Before During and After

Some of the key points this demonstration highlights are: Multi-Factor Authentication and Terms of Use applied to Guest Access, Integrated App experiences and Guest Meeting capabilities.

Protecting against Data Loss in Microsoft Teams Meeting Chats

One thing I always point out is that security polices will be applied during a Microsoft Teams Meeting to protect against accidental data loss from within the Meeting Chat.

Securing Meetings Content Sharing

Microsoft 365 Sensitivity Labels actually allow administrators to managed document permissions and Microsoft Teams will honour these. One of the net effects is that is that you can restrict the ability to share.

Automating Microsoft Teams Creation

One of my favourite pieces of work is a lab in which Partners can use a combination of a SharePoint list, the Power Platform and Graph API to build an automated process for Microsoft Teams creation.

My Teams Security Slide

I use this chart as a bit of a cheat sheet to remind me of some of the main components that should/could be considered during the planning stages of a Teams implementation.

Managing Direct Routing Voice Quality for Microsoft Teams

This is an advanced configuration so I created the video demonstration below to help me explain the basic concepts. If this is a new area for you. I hope it helps!

So what is the Microsoft Teams Meeting Lifecycle?

Once you get use to this way of working it’s really productive but new users may need help with the “Art of the Possible”. So I decided to create some videos that I use to demo the lifecycle.

Top Tip – Teams Live Events External Production

I felt the external production documentation was a bit dry so I created the following demonstration video to provide a quick intro into this topic in under 4 minutes.

New AI for Good in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is leader in AI, which has definitely benefited Microsoft Teams from an Accessibility standpoint. If you are familiar with Teams you are hopefully already aware of the native in-meeting captions, translation and recording transcriptions services? But there is more coming!

Microsoft Business Voice (3 of 3): Auto Attendants and Call Queues

This post provides some guidance on how to get started with Microsoft Teams Auto Attendants (AA) and Call Queues (CQ).

Microsoft Business Voice (2 of 3): End User Voice Polices

In this second video I run through some of the policy settings that can be used to customise the end user experience. I also show how to administer a tenant’s Reporting Labels

Microsoft Business Voice (1 of 3): Configuring Subscribers

To support the release of Business Voice for Microsoft Teams in the UK I created this video to help new partners and customers get their heads around how to do a basic subscriber configuration.

Using PowerPoint Presenter Mode in a Teams Meeting

This is a handy little tip to make your virtual work life that little bit easier. If you’ve not seen this before you can switch on PowerPoint presenter mode and use it from within a Microsoft Teams meeting.