Top Tip – Teams Live Events External Production

If you know about virtual meeting tools then you have probably come across or used Live Events, which is the meeting broadcast solution that’s part of Microsoft Teams. It’s not entirely unexpected but I’ve seen a rapid rise in the use of Live Events over the last 6 months and I am actively working with Microsoft Partners to increase market capacity for this type of meeting in the UK.

When reading up on Live Events you may have come across external encoding? This is the ability to use 3rd party equipment to deliver studio quality production via the Teams Live Events client. I felt the documentation was a bit dry so I created the following demonstration video to provide a quick intro into this topic in under 4 minutes.

Hint – the encoder password shown in the video is a dummy one

As you can see it’s actually not too hard to get started with the technology. However, I believe they key to delivering a professional looking event is actually creativity, preparation and practice, regardless of the encoding/production method you are using.

Just to finish off, here are a few tips and tricks that might be useful:

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