CY22 Posts

Viva Learning: SharePoint Content

In addition to 3rd party content, Viva Learning also allows an organisation to surface its own training material that’s housed in one or more SharePoint folders. Metadata can also be associated with each file or link to provide a richer end user experience within the Microsoft Teams App.

Viva Goals: OKR Lifecycle

In the video I show a simplified OKR lifecycle that demonstrates the creation of an organisational level Objective, a child Key Result, a “Check In” and closure of the OKR upon its completion. I also show an example of how OKRs can align from the Organisational level, through to Team OKRs and down to Individual ones.

Viva Goals Integrations

In the video I highlight a couple of integrations, Azure Dev Ops and Excel Online, to show how these can be used to track progress with a couple of Key Results.

Accessing Microsoft Partner Pre-Sales Support

In the video I show you how to use the form at to raise a pre-sales request. In my example it’s for a voice solution but you’ll see you can ask for help on a multitude of technology areas.

Adding the Human Touch to a Viva Topic

In the video I provide a short overview of how easy it is to customise Topics pages to highlight important documents, links, videos and tools.