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The purpose of this Blog is to share information and content to try and help others. All my posts are based upon my personal efforts and should be accurate at time of publication. However, as Microsoft Teams is a rapidly developing service, be sure to keep up to date with the corporate blogs and documentation. I’ll also try to avoid re-hashing marketing announcements as there are plenty of other sources for these. I hope you find some of my posts useful.

  • Microsoft Teams Room Admin Portal Tour
    This video does exactly what it says on the tin! I created this snapshot of the tools available in the Microsoft Teams Admin Console to share with anyone who was new to this topic.
  • PowerShell for Microsoft Teams Owners?
    There are loads of technically minded people out there who are not familiar with PowerShell and who are Microsoft Teams owners. This post is aimed at these folks.
  • Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings and OneDrive
    As you may already be aware the shift from “classic” Stream to “new” Stream, which uses OneDrive for Private Teams Meetings (Channel Meetings use SharePoint) has been ongoing since last year. To give you a taster I’ve put together a 2 minute video.
  • Using Cortana to schedule Microsoft Teams Meetings
    If you’ve not used it before it’s worth taking a look as it works! All you need to do is to register and configure your profile settings. You should be up and running in minutes and the link you need is:
  • Microsoft Teams Business Voice with Calling Plan: Direct Routing Tip
    Even though they may have Microsoft Calling Plan use rights some customers/partners may still want to assign an on-premises phone number to one or more of their users.

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