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The purpose of this Blog is to share information and content to try and help others. All my posts are based upon my personal efforts and should be accurate at time of publication. However, as Microsoft Teams and Viva are rapidly developing services, be sure to keep up to date with the corporate blogs and documentation. I’ll also try to avoid re-hashing marketing announcements as there are plenty of other sources for these. I hope you find some of my posts useful.

  • Building a Document Understand Model
    My demonstration also shows how to add a Retention Label and a Sensitivity Label to the uploaded document when it’s identified as a web contract by the model.
  • Microsoft Teams 1:1 PSTN Recording
    Check out this 90 second video that shows 1:1 PSTN recording in action.
  • Viva Topics 101
    I created this 4 minute video to provide a concise overview of some of the main components of Topics and highlight where the cards are currently presented.
  • Viva Connections for Microsoft Teams Desktop
    I created the following 4 minute video as a starting point to demonstrate the “nuts and bolts” of Viva Connection as it exists today (May 2021).
  • Microsoft Teams Admin Phone Provisioning
    The following 2 minute video provides a simple demo of the remote provisioning and sign in experience for a Microsoft Teams Android Phone.

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