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The purpose of this Blog is to share information and content to try and help others. All my posts are based upon my personal efforts and should be accurate at time of publication. However, as Microsoft Teams and Viva are rapidly developing services, be sure to keep up to date with the corporate blogs and documentation. I’ll also try to avoid re-hashing marketing announcements as there are plenty of other sources for these. I hope you find some of my posts useful.

Be sure to check out the posts in the CY archives!

  • Viva Goals: OKR Lifecycle
    In the video below, I show a simplified OKR lifecycle that demonstrates the creation of an organisational level Objective, a child Key Result, a “Check In” and closure of the OKR upon its completion.
  • Viva Goals Integrations
    Viva Goals is a key module within Microsoft’s Employee Experience platform. It is a goal setting tool that allows the organisation, teams and individuals to use Objective and Key Results (OKRs) to deliver business results aligned to their company mission and strategy. Viva Goals provides an administrative web portal and can also be surfaced within … Continue reading Viva Goals Integrations
  • Accessing Microsoft Partner Pre-Sales Support
    This short post is aimed squarely at the Microsoft Partner community. It details how eligible partners can request pre-sales assistance to help with things like technical questions and architectural guidance. Although not shown in the video, the service also provides deployment consultations. The great thing about this partner benefit is that it covers Modern Work, … Continue reading Accessing Microsoft Partner Pre-Sales Support
  • Adding the Human Touch to a Viva Topic
    There might be times when a subject matter expert will want to ensure specific information about a Topic stands out.
  • Viva Learning (Included Version)
    Viva Learning comes in two flavours, a version that ships with Microsoft Teams and one that is licensed. The short video below highlights the capabilities available in the included version. To enable the supported LMS Systems and additional Learning Provider subscriptions customers will need to purchase Viva Learning licenses.

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