Automating Microsoft Teams Creation

A couple of the common questions that IT Pros raise when they are new to Microsoft Teams is, “how do I control Teams sprawl and how can I put some Governance controls into the Teams creation process”?

There are a lots of tools at an administrator’s disposal to answer both these questions, but one approach I personally like is to have some form of automated process to manage Microsoft Teams creation.

Over the last last couple of years I’ve delivered numerous training events on this topic. One of my favourite pieces of work is a lab in which Partners use a combination of a SharePoint list, the Power Platform and Graph API to build an automated process for Microsoft Teams creation. My latest iteration of the lab has been around for over a year and I’ve finally got around to creating a video demo. Check it out below:

If you want to have a crack at building this demonstration, you can download the lab guide from here – Lab Guide Download.

As I mentioned this piece of work is over 12 months old now, if I ever have some time to update it I would replace the SharePoint classification label with a Sensitivity label. One of the benefits of the new modern label is that you can also use it to control Guest Access.

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