Using Microsoft Teams and Bookings to enable Virtual Appointments

One side effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is that a huge amount of customer interactions in businesses and society have moved online. Assuming the technology holds up, I expect there to a place moving forward for virtual appointments across a whole diverse range of business types, ranging from healthcare to financial services.

Microsoft 365 Bookings is an application designed to help customers create and manage virtual appointments using Microsoft Teams. It comes in two flavours, a web portal and a Microsoft Teams application experience. The Teams App provides a sub set of the functionality that’s exposed in the web interface but is a great tool to use for the scheduling experience.

Any change made in either Teams or the Web is reflected in the other interface. As you might expect the Staff and Calendar components are tightly integrated into AAD and Exchange respectively.

I recently created this overview for one of the engagements I’ve been working on. Hopefully it will be of interest:

To learn more about Microsoft Bookings, check out the documentation.

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