Network Device Interface and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has recently added support for Network Device Interface (NDI), which is a LAN based IP Video broadcast technology. You can learn more about the mechanics of NDI here.

The first use cases I’ve started to see for NDI in Teams revolve around providing and consuming content to/from third party encoders to assist with the production of Live Events. For example, a Live Event producer can pull individual video streams out of a Teams meeting and add them as discrete sources within an encoder (such as OBS), then stream these into a Live Event broadcast.

This is really useful as it provides an easy way to insert additional video production content into a Town Hall or Broadcast event.

NDI support in the Microsoft Teams client is controlled via an admin policy. Refer to the Microsoft Docs if you want to learn more.

If you want to run through an introduction on producing Live Events with an external encoder, check out my previous post: Teams Live Events External Production.

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